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Who we work with

Children, Young People and Families

Our mission is to ensure the development and recognition of a vibrant, sound and diverse voluntary sector, focusing on support for Children, Young People and Families.

We support new and existing groups/organisations to deliver activities and/or support to Children, Young People and Families. There are a wide range of voluntary and community organisations offering these services within Staffordshire.

Examples of the groups/organisations that we work with

Young People

  • Youth Clubs
  • After-schools clubs
  • Parent and toddler
  • Sports Clubs – with a personal Social development approach
  • Theatre Groups Family Support groups
  • Faith Groups
  • Uniformed Organisations
  • LDD Groups
  • Support groups
  • Music groups
  • Counselling Services
  • Young Carers

Children and Families

  • Parent Led groups
  • Parent and toddler
  • Pre-school
  • Family Support groups

As the lead infrastructure organisation for the Staffordshire County Council Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Strategic Partner contract, SCVYS represents VCSE organisations working with Children, Young People and Families at various meetings, to influence how the future of Children’s Services will be delivered by promoting links between VCSE and other areas of children’s services, including:-